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Creative Landscaping is a family-owned business with husband and wife team Marvin and Tami Lambie managing the day-to-day operations. Their two boys, Ashton and Dexter, both love to help out between school and activities.The kids help water the trees and shrubs in the nursery and have alot of fun in the process.

Located at 98th and Holdrege in rural Lincoln, Nebraska, Creative Landscaping takes pride in providing its customers with customized planning, superior service, and in the end, an inviting outdoor space.

Marvin and Tami Lambie started their own landscaping business in September, 2004. We love landscaping and planting so we decided to start our own business based on that.

We’ve lived in our home for the past 16 years. When the we moved in, the land was bare, just a flat milo field. There were no trees when we got here. Eventually, Tami and I surrounded the house with several trees and shrubs. We loved the way it turned out, and we loved the work, which drew us to starting up the landscaping business.

Our first concern is customer service. It’s very important to give our customers what they are looking for. We want them to be happy with the results.

Our landscaping business focuses on getting to know our customers, coming up with the initial design plans, then it’s on to planting trees, shrubs, and perennials. Our most popular trees are the purple ash and the flowering crab tree. They are very colorful and don’t get too big. Ornamental grasses are also becoming very popular–they look great in the summer and give a lasting landscape element through the winter months.

The first step in the landscaping process is to meet with the customer to discuss their likes and dislikes. First we like to have a brief interview with the customer. We need to get an idea of what they want, and if they have any future plans for their yard. Couples planning to have kids may want a space for a playground someday. We can plan around that.

Once we have an idea of what the customer wants, we can provide an image of what the new landscape will look like with a computer program. It’s a great way for the customer to see what we’re trying to do before we do it.

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