Tree, Shrub, and Ground Cover Planting

Tree, Shrub, and Ground Cover Planting

Planting is the final stage of any landscape installation. Trees, shrubs, and perennials create a more three-dimensional aspect and add color, form, and texture. Distinctive plantings anchor your property, give it presence, and make it look like it belongs to the landscape.

We will choose the best selection of plants, purchased direct from the top growers. We use plants that are appropriate to your planting zone. Plants are the most significant elements of the site design, as they define and reinforce the garden style and create a pleasant atmosphere of life, light, color and texture, throughout the landscape.

Proper installation, along with necessary watering and a root stimulator will insure that your new landscape will survive and flourish the first year. After the first year a good fertilization program, once a year, with an organic based fertilizer will help the plants grow to their maximum height and provide the plants with the nourishment to produce flowers/fruit in its greatest abundance. It is also important that your plant material does not become overcrowded a few years after installation.

Not sure if fall is a good time to plant things? It sure is! It’s actually one of our preferred times of the year. Send us a message to get your fall plantings done yet this year. 🌲☀️ 402-730-8424

Posted by Creative Landscaping on Tuesday, October 1, 2019